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In a deconstructing world, reference points are increasingly blurred and it is difficult to find meaning in what we experience, to understand our identity and to project ourselves with hope into the future. 

During this camp, we will draw on several biblical stories and characters to discover how they can strengthen our faith, guide our academic lives and inform our understanding of society.



Local Animator in Lausanne since August 15, 2016, Pierre is responsible for the follow-up of groups and events in the region. His main mission is to equip, motivate, train and accompany the leaders of different groups as well as student applicants. Pierre has long been involved in biblical and youth ministries. His experience in France with the GBU as a student and then as a local referent is finally continuing with this work in Lausanne. He previously worked for 4 years at the Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible France as head of camps and youth ministry, took a year of theology in Aix en Provence and, most importantly, is a confirmed movie buff! Apart from the cinema, he is always open to a good board game, a game of squash or basketball, or a good coffee on the terrace!


I was born in the Bernese Jura, studied German and French history and literature, and then trained as a teacher (secondary 1 and 2), and later in theology. Since my parents met at GBU, I always knew that there were such groups in gymnasiums and schools, and so it was only natural that I joined the group at the Gymnase de Bienne, then at the University of Neuchâtel, then at the University of Berlin and finally at the University of Toronto.

In 2014, I had the good idea to marry an exceptional woman, met of course at GBU. She is the one who actually does many design projects for GBEU (flyers and other posters). The GBEU gave me a lot and I wanted to give back a little of what I received, so I quickly wanted to offer my time as a volunteer. Since February 2016, I became GBU coordinator for the Fribourg region and then recently for the BEJUNE region. I work at 50%, pursuing in parallel a PhD in history and theology, on the IFES, which is the big worldwide family of the GBEU.

As our vision states, the mission of the GBEU is to promote the study of the Bible among students, the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and the integration of faith with the questions of the contemporary world. Isn't that an exciting project? Taking God seriously and taking studies seriously!

My job is to encourage student groups to study the Bible on their campuses: this includes meetings with leaders, individual and group training. In addition, I am also responsible for the ministry "Dialogue et Vérité" (Dialogue and Truth) which covers the whole of French-speaking Switzerland: this work aims to encourage students to make the link between their studies and their faith and to avoid any "schizophrenia". What does God think of my discipline? How does my discipline help me understand God better? These are the kinds of questions we explore together, on an ad hoc or regular basis, in small or larger groups. I've experienced it myself: thinking about these questions leads us to be more grounded Christians and to be better students!

Ah: if I had to add a few details: I'm into politics, travel, pocket knives, and campaigning, but what I find hardest to do is not bring home new books every time I go out.


Léa Rychen is Director of Cultural Apologetics at imagoDei. As a content creator, she is passionate about the interactions between culture, faith and beliefs. With a background in arts and humanities, she loves to write and reflect and produces articles, radio columns, conferences and podcasts. After a literary preparatory class with honors and sub-eligibility for the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, she completed a Master's degree in Languages and Cultures with honors. She then studied theology and apologetics at Oxford, where she completed the Wycliffe Hall Certificate in Theological Studies and the OCCA program, The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. She is now continuing her education at the Faculté de Théologie Évangélique de Vaux-sur-Seine.


Christel Lamère Ngnambi is an author, speaker and trainer based in Brussels (Belgium). A political scientist by training, he worked for 12 years as an analyst and then as a representative to the European Union for an international Protestant association on human rights, poverty, migration and the environment. A diversity of fields that led her to cross the themes of ideas and convictions, social issues, political issues and existential questions. Today, Christel offers her services as a consultant in strategic and political communication.

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FORUM will take place from Friday 1 to Wednesday 6 September 2023 in Charmey.
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If you have any questions about FORUM, you can contact Antoine Bourgeois, the GBEU event manager.